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Scuba Diving Deals from around the Blue Planet, all under one roof

The very best Scuba Diving deals from all over our watery world, a "one stop shop" for cheap scuba. From early bird discount diving to last minute scuba holidays and bargain scuba gear. Giant stride into a dive destination below.

& Canada
Africa Asia Europe Indian
Middle East
/ Red Sea
& S. Pacific
Antigua Brazil Cape Verde Cambodia Croatia Maldives Egypt Australia
Aruba California Djibouti India Cyprus Mauritius Israel (Eilat) Bora Bora
Bahamas Canada Kenya Indonesia France Seychelles Jordan
Chuuk Lagoon
Barbados Colombia
Madagascar Japan Greece   Cook Islands
Belize Mozambique Korea Ireland   Oman Fiji
Bermuda Costa Rica
South Africa Malaysia Italy Queen Angelfish Red Finger Sponges Guam
Bonaire Sudan Myanmar Malta Marshall Islands
Cayman Islands Ecuador
Tanzania Philippines Spain &
New Caledonia
Cuba Tunisia Sri Lanka New Zealand
Curacao Florida   Thailand Turkey Palau
Dominica Hawaii   Vietnam UK Papua New
Dominican Republic Honduras
Masked Butterflyfish
Mola Mola Moray Pink Anemonefish Nudibranch
Grenada Samoa
Jamaica Mexico Solomon
Puerto Rica  
Saba   Tahiti
St. Lucia   Tonga
St. Vincent Green Moray Turtle and Diver Bonaire Wreck Diver and Sponge Fiji Reef Sipadan Turtle Vanuatu
Trinidad & Tobago Yap
Turks & Caicos  
Virgin Islands  
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