How to use less air underwater.

As you know Discounts For Divers is always looking for good value diving and it occurs to us that the best way to get good value from a dive is to make each tank of air last longer.Neutral Buoyancy

Many divers suck too much air, particularly beginners. It’s a major frustration when you are enjoying a good dive only to be told by your divemaster to surface because you’re running low. It’s even more of a problem if your partner has much better air consumption than you, no one wants to surface with their buddy even though they themselves still have plenty of air. No diver wants to be responsible for cutting another divers dive short.

Some people use more air than others, that’s just the way it is, we are all different. It is to be expected that a small female has better air consumption than a large male because their lungs are smaller. Similarly, Asian divers tend to have very good air consumption because of their small lung size in comparison to larger Westerners. These are physical differences that cannot be changed but that doesn’t mean that air hogs can’t improve their consumption rate. There are several things that can be done to allow you to dive longer, other than just using a bigger tank.

The following are some ideas that I have split into categories but should ideally be considered together as they all interrelate. Master them all and you’ll still be blowing bubbles while all others are back on the boat. You'll also do less damage to the underwater environment and look a lot cooler underwater.

Equipment and trim.
Finning technique.
Breathing technique.
Relaxation and visualization techniques.

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