Greece Diving - Book it when you get there

Booking all diving on-line before arrival at your destination seems to be the trend for all dive destinations these days. In some cases this is necessary. Many liveaboards fill up months in advance, as do many dive resorts. Sometimes it's cheaper to book diving as part of a package that includes flights and accommodation. But for lots of destinations there is no need to book in advance, just show up and book on arrival. Greece divers

Maybe the fast paced internet age that we live in makes us want to have our whole trip planned in advance. Maybe people book their diving in advance so that they can budget their money, or maybe it's so that they can sit at their office desk and dream about their holiday as they count down the days to go.

We however, think that it's best to wait and see. There will often be several dive shops, all eager for your business. You can wander around and see them all, have a chat, decide which one you get a good feeling from. You can look at their rental equipment. You can ask them about recent sightings. You can ask other divers in the area for their advice. Forums such as Scuba Board are great places to get advice from divers who have been there but nothing beats on the spot, up to the minute advice.

Greece is a good example. There is no need to book in advance. Many web sites will offer you a 10% discount if you book on-line, for example who are based in Rhodes Town. But you will find that these same discounts are normally available if you do not pre book but just show up and check out the dive centres on arrival.

Booking on arrival keeps your options open too. You never know how your plans will change, what the weather will be like, or if an illness such as an ear infection will prevent you from diving. Why hand over your money in advance if you don't need to? You may end up having to fight with the dive centre or your travel insurance for reimbursement.

There are a lot of special offers on-line for Greek diving. Many of these offers are for dive courses, especially intro courses which are a big part of a dive centre's revenue in the Greek tourist season. There are offers such as book two dive courses and get a 10% discount or bring a friend and get a 10% discount. Again, these discounts are available on arrival and do not need to be pre booked well in advance, the night before is fine.

So our advice is to wait until you arrive and negotiate a deal then. The dive centre staff prefer it that way too, they would rather be diving than answering emails.

Happy Diving!


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